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My First Video. EVER... 


In early 2016 a small group of friends and my self decided that we were going to start a Youtube channel. We all came from different artistic backgrounds, photography, film, theater, modeling, acting, etc, and we all wanted to do more with our art. 

The idea was simple, 7 people, 7 days in a week. At the time daily Vlogs were on the uprise and to be honest, I wanted to joint that bandwagon. None of us really had the time or freedom to take on a daily video project so 7 people sharing in the responsibility seemed like the best alternative. Plus can't you just imagine the fun cross over between friends making daily episodes and all of the different projects, challenges, and what ever else we could come up with you keep things interesting? It seemed like a good idea to me... 

Anyway It didn't last very long. The series only lasted about 6 months, uploads were almost never on time, an there was really only a core group of 2 people who were invested in making it work. All said and done I personally only uploaded 19 videos, the channel never grew over 100 Subscribers, and pretty quickly things just started to fizzle out.

When I started the project I had never shot or edited a video before that in my life. Even if I got nothing else out of it the experience was well worth it for me. I learned more a lot about story telling, about camera work, and I had a lot of fun with the whole thing. If your reading this and absolutely have nothing better to do then here is a list of a few of my videos from the old channel. Just keep in mind that every episode of this vlog learning experience and a stepping stone in my life and carrier as an artist.


The fist Video from my new Channel: DJI-A Spark In The Park

This video was by and large about me testing out the DJI Spark. The Spark is by no means a professional videography tool. What it lacks in pro video quality, it makes up for with incredible ease of use and a pretty substantial feature set for the Price.

For a little peak into my home life: Corrine's 4th Birthday

For 4 years ( as of the making of this video ) I Have been blessed with the amazing gift, privilege, and responsibly of fatherhood. This video documents the joyful chaos that is a toddlers birthday party.